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Why I Left My Dream Company

Two months ago, I left my dream company.  When I submitted my two weeks notice, I asked myself: Am I making a big mistake?  I remember the thrill I felt when my journey at The Walt Disney Company began in…

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It’s Ok to Not Feel Ok

I called my dad this week, to check in. I told him that I feel like I’m floating, a haze all around me, as I grapple with big questions. What does it mean to be happy or successful? What target…

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Tattoos and (Im)permanence

I resisted getting a tattoo for a long time, because I felt the pressure to design something profound with long-lasting, regret-proof significance. But now, just a couple weeks after getting inked, I’ve grown to recognize that “meaning” is multifaceted, dynamic,…

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Art as Meditation

I live in a near constant state of restlessness. Always occupied with something, anything, but unable to focus on any one activity for too long. Only a few idle seconds pass by before I’m on my phone, tumbling down a social…

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Reframing My To-Do List

I have a love/hate relationship with to-do lists. On the one hand, the structure they lend to my day can ease the mind. As unsexy as it sounds, I gravitate towards predictability and stability. To-do lists offer a roadmap, a…

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On Vulnerability

If you couldn’t already tell (*gestures around at the blog*), I’m not a particularly private person. I’ve written about my insecurities, my identity crises, my heartbreaks, and much more on the internet. These most raw pieces of myself are out…

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How to Put Self-Love into Practice

Recently, I had a conversation with my boyfriend about fitness goals.   “Who would you consider body goals?” he asked me.   A hot defensiveness rushed through me, and I launched into a tirade about how I’m trying to refrain from comparing myself…

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Hi! I’m JoAnna.

Here I’ve created a space where I can muse on life, career, and creativity. My goal is to get comfortable with the idea of not being perfect in my writing pursuits—and doing it anyway.

Thanks for being a part of my journey!

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